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SMS text messaging on the Macintosh (and iOS)

Why use your mobile phone to send an SMS when you have your Mac keyboard in front of you?

If you'd like an easier way to send SMSs than using the tiny numeric keypad on your mobile phone, then SMS Mac is for you. SMS Mac enables you compose a text message on your Mac and send it via the Internet. That's right, to send messages, you don't need your mobile phone! With SMS Mac, you no longer depend on your mobile phone network to send text messages, you only need an internet connection.

SMS Mac Application You can run SMS Mac in different ways: as a stand-alone application that interacts with Contacts, a Dashboard Widget or using AppleScripts.

SMS Mac integrates seamlessly with your Contacts (previously called Address Book). With the SMS Mac application installed, you simply open the Contact of your friend or family member and click the mobile phone number. You can also select a group of contacts and send an SMS to all members of the group.

SMS Mac Scripting Application SMS Mac also supports AppleScript. The SMS Mac Scripting application allows you to send an SMS when a specific event occurs. You can use it, for example, with iCal. You can configure iCal and SMS Mac to send yourself an SMS to remind you of an important meeting. On a Mac OS X server, you can use it to send the system administrator an SMS alert when a certain condition occurs. Several example scripts are included.

SMS Mac is not only a user-friendly way to send text messages, it is also a highly reliable one: For every SMS you send, you get a delivery report.

No commercials are tagged to your message, the entire message (all 160 characters) is yours.


- "This rocks! Great product with a really easy install.", Scott, USA.

- "SMS Mac is a great idea and indeed much needed.", Julius, Germany.

- "SMS Mac is a brilliant as I get no mobile signal at home, so at least this way I can easily send out texts.", John, United Kingdom.

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